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Who and Why?

This morning I posted the below piece on facebook — why? It’s the day before perhaps the most important election in 20th Century American history! And maybe you will be curious why I am rather specific and definitely negative about one of our Presidential candidates? I will include reasons after you read the post, ok?

Donald J. Trump = The most confused & confusing American male who ever aimed his lifelong methods of getting what he craved, up & down the strangest roundabout path imaginable! What he has applied in his presidential quest includes fakery, dishonesty, pretending, covering up, making money by charging our country (his utmost goal) & by violence any way he can get people fighting each other!

And the only future plans he proposes are to eliminate Social Security (sure to result in millions of deaths which is fine with him) & to build new pay-to-drive roads around the country (eliminating the majority of us!) And yes many have already cast ballots for this creature, but for those who have not, DO NOT DO SO & share this very serious plea! Thank you very much!

From “The Making of Donald Trump” by David Cay Johnston in July, 2016

  • Just 2 years out of college, Donald was sued by the federal government.
  • Two of Donald’s mottoes:
    “Always get even,” and “Hit back harder than you were hit.”
  • Donald hired notorious lawyer Roy Cohn to sue the federal government over the claims of racial bias of the Trumps and other apartment house operators. Donald & his father owned 14,000 apartments in Brooklyn and historically rented to Blacks just 36 apartments in 2 buildings!
  • “Donald’s foray into professional football provides an early example of a business career built on breaking, ignoring, or making up rules.”
  • After Donald acquired Mar-a-Lago with an unrecorded mortgage, casino regulatory hearings revealed that he had personally guaranteed more than a fourth of his more than his $3 billion of debt. Many banks were unaware that other banks had loaned money on Trump’s personal guarantee with no public record of his obligations!
  • The so-called Trump University is a long sad story of illegalities that many have heard about. Trump was the owner, but never bothered with the laws governing it. It was never a university, the “teachers” were never what was advertised and “students” never learned the promised “how to get rich in real estate” – rather they were simply sold on pungling up as much as $35,000 each to get sales pitches. Trump has the first federal court date this month!
  • And it continues with refusal to submit tax returns & literally hundreds — maybe thousands — of workers and businesspeople never paid what Trump contracted for!

Lastly, it may be too much to ask if you believe this creature could actually function as OUR President!
But NO he has NONE of the skills, abilities or temperament to handle the position of President!
If  you have not VOTED for HILLARY, you still have tomorrow!!
Thank you very much!



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