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We the People say to Speaker Ryan, “Get your hands off the retirement cushion each of us & our employers funded for ourselves in our lifetime of work! We depend on that monthly stipend.

“I know that if you grab it away, Speaker Ryan — even with your good-for-Wall-Street privatizing scheme !! — my savings could support me for maybe 5 years, after which I DIE a horrible death who knows where because I have no place to live, no food to nourish me, no more Kaiser (non-profit) health insurance! All of this due to your lack of logic & caring about the millions of us seniors — get with it, Speaker Ryan?!”

Note: “Yes, Speaker Ryan, Brian Wilkinson on facebook asked how many died before they collected Social Security, as if the government pockets their money. However, you no doubt know that is not the case. No, when we die our spouse and children could be eligible for benefits based on our earnings.”images



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