On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Lifetime Pay = Entitled !!


YES, 3 years ago they wanted to turn OUR Social Security over to Wall Street! Who you might ask — why the rude & rotten Republicans of course!! And wait a minute, smirking Speaker Ryan I just checked the current number of Social Security beneficiaries (our official title) 61 million (!) individuals, happy to get increases, but managing ok!

Now picture no more monthly checks — how many of the 61 million could say, “Oh well, no problem” ? But how many of us would shortly be without a place to live — need to beg, borrow & steal food — sleep on park benches? Yes, inflate the homeless in every city by perhaps thousands!

Not a pretty picture, is it, Speaker Ryan?! Well then, get off your totally insane chain of thoughts, don’t keep us sweating, swearing, panicking !! Just make the 2 changes that will keep Social Security — the most successful US program ever — valid now & way into the future!!

NOTE: Feel free to copy and/or share  this post far & wide, as when we all know that we are 61 million STRONG, we are in an excellent position against Speaker Ryan & all of his Rabid Repubs — agreed?!



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