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Need to Know: Social Security

From time to time we have all heard talk about doing away with Social Security — right?
And depending on how much or how little we know about the program, we worry a lot.

As for me, since the program was begun when I was born (seriously) I grew up knowing quite a bit about it.
And of course President Franklin Delano Roosevelt — the marvelous man who introduced the whole thing — and so much more!!

And so here we are — 81 years later — and the Republican Congress wants to usurp OUR successful program.
Well, now …

What we need to do is to fight FOR Social Security as the important & successful lifelong program it is & has been since 1935 — now with 61 million individuals receiving a check each month!!

And the funds coming right from each of OUR individual fund — paid in by us & our employers throughout our working lives!!

This is NOT U.S. Government Funds — never has been, never will be!!!!

Then STOP Smirking & attempted PIRATING
to Let Social Security Work
for We the People as Designed !!!!


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