On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Dear Boehringer Ingelheim:

I am sooo upset and irritated and feeling “HAD” by a company that I believed to be honest and of value. But dammit how utterly WRONG I was!!!!

Kaiser Foundation is the best non-profit health organization in every state they are represented. I happen to be in Oregon. And I took the word of a Kaiser specialist to take your Pradaxa because of atrial fibrillation that has never given me a problem in over 12 years that I have been aware of it.

Well, I guess I should have downloaded the entire section on Pradaxa, strokes, lawsuits and deaths and how much money it took you to buy people off! And I should have bought a big lighted magnifier to attempt to read the 36 inch by 36 inch appx. 4 pt type before ever buying for $90.00 your product for 90 days!!!!

With my doctor’s knowledge, I have had no Pradaxa for 30 days & will never take it again — but I may never have a knee that operates norally — it’s still puffy, pink, painful to walk any distance. And my hair (that used to be naturally curly) is gone in 3 bright white lines at the top of my head. I fear it may never recover — thank you oh-so-much!!!!

In closing, you should know that I passed up the chance of suing you through Morgan & Morgan Lawfirm. I deemed it too complicated. However, if after reading this letter and my complaints (at age 81 — rarely ill in my entire life) your company could see your way clear to extend sincere apologies and even replacement cash for the anguish and tearing up my life that your company and product have done, it would certainly be appreciated!

Note: I took time to think about this letter — first before sending it to the Pradaxa manufacturer & now before divulging it to the world on this blog. And I’m hoping it may help some other folks.

As for me, I’m still hoping upon hope that my horrid Pradaxa symptoms clear up — especially my knee that is still quite out of function (waaa)!!



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