On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Appallingly Apoplectic …

So damnably stupid — how could Donald J. Trump EVER be allowed to run for President of our precious country? To stage those horrible rallies where he encouraged blatant racism & violence — particularly with no on-site security & even worse out in public streets?!

And now the nitwit compounds his stupidity by continuing to do business (against the rules for the President) and to vacation every weekend at OUR very hefty expense!!

And now the final asinine crap out of his filthy mouth & brain — take away our worked-hard-for Social Security after promising over & over to guarantee to keep it intact!!!!!!

Bottom line = All of us need to Institute a Law against every single lying thing Trump has said & done every minute of his APPALLINGLY APOPLECTIC LIFE!!!!

All suggestions welcome!



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