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Social Security Works is contacting as many people as they can reach with this for starters …

“Social Security Works has fought tirelessly to expand Social Security and Medicare benefits. Even in the Trump era, this is a fight we can win if we stand together. And to do this we need to continue to put pressure on Congress and support the champions who are already there, leading the fight.”

Contributions are needed — from $5 Express donation to $1000 — all to benefit Social Security Works. Contact info@socialsecurityworks.org

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Now, when I received their mailing I just had to let them know my story. And I really want the whole world to know it & maybe — just maybe — we together can KEEP Social Security operable in OUR lives and put the GD Repub Congress to stark SHAME!!!!

I have been promoting and explaining Social Security on facebook & to as many people as I can reach ever since the bastard Repubs in Congress – & Social Security Administration themselves – did nothing to explain what it is and how it has worked for 80 years!

First, let me tell you that I was born at the end of 1935 and my parents were total FDR fans so they made me feel that Social Security was special & absolutely my program!

Most Americans have no idea how many now receive a monthly SS check — 61 million!!!!

Most are not aware that an arm of OUR government “borrowed” literally trillions of dollars from the Social Security fund – for “war” by “Dubya”?!?!

It would seem to rational Americans that it is necessary for that money to be gradually paid back – not written off as my expense and that of millions of you other deserving individuals — too bad, go starve & die!!!!

Yes, I have savings & I am 81, still working part-time. But if I lose my monthly Social Security I will be dead on the pavement within 6 years! Multiply that hundreds/ thousands/millions and won’t Republican Congressmen be dancing around our bodies?!?!

Please spread the word & join, will you?
Positively Carolan




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