On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Disgusting 4 Months!

Yes, I have been absent here due to horrid medical problems that started one morning when I discovered a big red puffiness in my left knee — what on earth?!

And I had lost 20 pounds — incredible & never before in my whole life! Plus my lifelong curly hair was suddenly gone — that I really could not believe!

Well, I delved into the internet and found incredible info on Pradaxa (blood thinner prescribed by a Kaiser cardiologist I didn’t know). So yes I got off the horrid drug — but then came Dr. Densmore who had replaced both knees back in 2015.

Well, he plunged a big needle into the puffiness (yikes!!) and sent the sample for analysis. And OMG, a giant infection! So quick, surgery and advice to for me keep my left heel up — with no weight on it!

Now that was some experience, but bygosh I did it alright! And then as an “inmate” in a disgusting “Care” facility I worked with a great guy at perfecting getting around the place in a wheel chair! Oh & I received an anti-bacteria shot about every day!

Then the final surgery — with a long trail of staples to bring the knee back to its rightful place. And finally I’m home — now guided well with a walker.

But dammit, the 20 pounds are still gone — no matter what or how much I eat & nothing in my closet fits anymore — plus my hair will absolutely NOT curl.

Life is difficult & I’d love to hear from anyone who has had similar circumstances! 







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