On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Cool Social Security?!

Hmh … a day like no other in a very long time … sitting on a metal bench in cool shade while waiting for my errant taxi. Yes, the Social  Security worker had moved fast & I believed efficiently!

But about then I wondered how long a drive it would be for the taxi guy to drive all the way from downtown Portland to me at the bustling Social Security office on what I thought was way on the other side of town. Euw, the metal slats of the bench were carving my backside  — strange feeling but that’s what happens with the unplanned.

Just then there’s the bright yellow taxi & the nifty African driver! The guy knows how to go anywhere and do just about anything — at least that’s what it seems like in the few months since my unexpected knee surgeries, x-rays, the clever small staple pulling  and other follow-ups.

Of course it would likely have been easier if I had a vehicle. But I sold my 2009 silver Honda Fit just before all the unexpected knee & other sickness knocked me off me feet.

Tomorrow is an appointment with a female doctor who I have met just once before  all the messy knee infection & replacement & anti-bacteria shots & on & on. But you know me, I’ve written a couple paragraphs to fill her in on the processes & how well I’m doing now. That’s with the exception of horrible itching all over the place plus the missing & strangely straight hair on my head. Oh well … I guess this is my life to deal withfor now!





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