On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Long Time No Reflecting

OMG! Really ages since I penned one whit of my experiences … or feelings. Lately just been busy, productive, generally happy. And met new people, fascinating people … My buddy JL is here now — reading the paper in the living room – – euw, I see he’s on his way to bed. Don’t want him to read this, so I better stop. More on HIM later …

But spent last weekend in California at the Homes & Land meeting with publisher Derek. That was very interesting, Met some beautiful people there — especially the gal who does the Vegas magazine and a couple whose baby is the Malibu mag, all in vivid color!

Before that it was an awfully fast-paced time — stress level high — eastside mag complications, H&L America with too little time to sell it, money a problem as away — ah but Aunt Pat’s house is now sold & will close June 1. That will forsure help! Then — as if there’s not enough going on — Derek decides I can guy a condo in Mt. Park! But the numbers just don’t add up — much as it would be supah!

What I need is to be cared about by somebody, to be squired around & wined & dined & screwed by some delightful male type!! Went out with a new specimen last week  — not bad! And another guy made contact one more time!  Hmh, who knows?!




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