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And All the Rest

So, along came my unexpected stint at Academic Press/Harcourt. As a lifelong writer from Portland, working within a major publishing house was something I could only imagine.

Originally a temp assignment, over nearly eight years I had an incredibly fulfilling job, working with a hands-off boss and collegial co-workers assisting on Encyclopedias of Human Biology, Dinosaurs and Science and Technology. Then, as Senior Developmental Editor I maintained communication with the whole world of scientists/researchers/physicians plus kept meticulous databases in the process of nurturing four major reference works from inception to publication: Encyclopedias of Stress, The Human Brain, Hormones and Endocrine Diseases.

The “endo” experience was made especially precious by close collaboration with Editor-in-Chief Luciano Martini of Milan, as well as poignant due to new AP owner Elsevier dumping our small efficient Major Reference Works group just two weeks after the four impressive volumes were published.

But never fear, after outplacement assistance and a couple missteps, I found my way to UC San Diego and to an amazing position within the Institute for Neural Computation and the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center. Here I was not only database admin, but a full-scale writer. First, assembling and editing a giant annual report mandated by the National Science Foundation, TDLC’s funder. But then the creative part: Writing online newsletter articles in ways that current research projects could be understood by the general public. And many other interesting tasks not actually in my job description!

I loved my job, stress and all! But then my boss was retiring and I was way past her age, so a few months ago I formally retired and moved back to Portland. These days I enjoy keeping my blogs in play and also plan to try a craigslist ad for some short-term writing, editing, database or design gigs. Contact me at carolan00@comcast.net


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