On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

In a Nutshell …

I’m someone who has lived a variegated life, to say the least, one that would need a book to detail all. But, since this blog has mainly short posts, how about a brief rundown of my colorful life segments?

Precocious:  Walked at 11 months; said  “Please” and “ta-ta” to everything at 18 months; by 3 years quite a memory, knows “Humpty Dumpty,” “Little Jack Horner” and  suddenly said, “I have to go to the John!”  (per mother’s handwritten baby history).

Initiative: First ad written at 11; first female Student Body Reporter at Beaverton High, awarded small journalism scholarship to Pacific U.

Mess: Quit college, married, five children by age 25, divorce at 31; non-custodial parent; another bad marriage; counseling; several different jobs.

Success: Doing promotion for a musician and writing about bands for “Jazzscene” and other publications led to “The First Book of Oregon Jazz, Rock & All Sorts of Music,” published August 1981.

Corner turner: Courtesy of a dream contract position in Phoenix, completed “Sweet Compulsions: A Wry Tale of Music, Multiculture and Mayhem,” which nobody would publish. Relocated to San Diego and a few years of mundane temp gigs, followed by the publishing big time.

(to be continued)







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